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Hediday: A Portable Holiday Celebrating the Work of Hedi Kyle

By Dorothy A. Yule

Completed May 2015, Edition of 6

This book in five volumes is intended as an homage to Hedi and her work. Her influence has been so enormous in the field of book arts for the past decades and I wanted to channel the gratitude that we all must feel for her pioneering structures and bindings. I wanted the book to embody both the spirit of Hedi’s structures and the celebratory energy in which it is made. I conceived of this as a portable holiday, an instant fête, an offering of one grateful book artist to a great master: two gift boxes (the Wunderkabinett), a song, a celebratory show (abbreviated) of Hedi’s inventions, and a cake of applause.


Five connectible slipcases housing books/book objects

Each book: 2.25 inches wide x 3 inches height x .75 inches deep

Dimensions open: longest book opens to about 60 inches

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